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All About InCore Group

InCore Group, now proudly part of Hotchkiss Insurance, is an independent insurance consulting agency servicing Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. In utilizing our numerous Affiliations, Appointments, Strategic Partner Relationships, and plethora of tools; InCore Group prides itself in seeing opportunities others don't, while creating opportunities others can't. Whether it be Personal or Commercial, Group or Individual, InCore Group will make it happen for you, our client.

Invest- We Invest our time, tools, and resources to dig deep into each and every one of our client's current needs and desires.

Innovate- We take what we learn about our clients and bring an Innovative approach towards each client's current situation and desired end-result.

Inform- We Inform our clients with their best interest in mind. InCore Group strives at all moments to deliver a transparent approach to consulting with our clients. Finding and informing our clients as to where each dollar they spend is going and how it is being utilized to benefit them and their bottom line is our ultimate duty and where we hold the highest amount of pride in our work.

~Insurance with Integrity~

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